On-Site Nursery

On-Site Nursery

We contribute to the environment before and during operations.

With the support of specialists, at Energía Costa Azul we designed and implemented programs focused on preserving and restoring the coastal shrubland.

Prior to beginning construction on our terminal, we used a GPS system to label more than 10,200 Ferocactus Viridescens (a protected species) and other species in the ecosystem, in order to transport them to our nursery, where they were conserved and protected during construction.

Once construction was finished, we implemented a program to replant these species as near as possible to their original location by employing the labeled GPS system.

Inside the nursery, and thanks to the daily work and dedication of our technicians, we were able to produce new generations of plants, which we continue to care for and will ultimately be planted back in the field.



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